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‘On board we wake up with the sunrise and sail where the wind takes us. We forget about the real world and admire astonishing surroundings’

Sail and Kite 2021

MAY 2022

We invite you to an amazing kitesurfing adventure – swimming on the beautiful spots of northern Sardinia and southern Corsica available directly from the deck of the luxurious Lagoon 450 catamaran


Find out when is our next trip and join us for the most exciting kite travel at the Mediterranean sea.

Sail & Kite 2021

During the cruise we sail around popular as well as secret spots that are best for practicing kiteboarding


Meet Karolina & Iza, two passionate kiteboarders, who are the host of the Sail & Kite expeditions!

Sail and Kite 2021

Founded by Karolina Winkowska & Izabela Matykiewicz. 2020 was the year when nothing was certain and the kite travels were being on hold. In October 2020 the first Sail and Kite expedition around Sardinia and Corsica took off. It was the most magical and breathtaking kiteboarding trip they could have imagined!

Do you have questions about next SAIL & KITE expeditions? Write to us on WhatsApp or send us an email