Iza & Karolina

Corsica 2020


Sail and Kite expedition launched in 2020, when the world was in the middle of the pandemic crisis and the kite travels become uncertain. Karolina and Iza has been passionate kiteboarders for more than 10 years at this stage, and they couldn’t imagine the year without kiteboarding adventures. This why the SAIL and KITE took off in the beautiful medditeran sea.

Sardinia is so close to Europe but yet so remote and so maiden. During the cruise we sail around popular as well as secret spots that are best for practicing kiteboarding. Each day is full of water activities, as we sail, we kite, we swim and we enjoy the marvellous scenery. Every morning we wake up with the sunrise, and go back to the cabins after the sunset.

“The Sail and Kite format it’s really fun. Each day we get to do so many water activities. We sail, we kite, we swim, we relax all in the breathtaking scenery”



Karolina, Ile Piana 2020

Karolina stood on the World Tour podium 62 times with 23 wins. On her account she holds 3 Freestyle World Championships, 2x Triple S Invitational Champion, 2x Kite Park League Winner and 7x Polish Champion. Karolina is a genuine professional kiteboarder and the role model for the next generations. 

Today Karolina shares her passion to kiteboarding, helps people to get better at riding, feel more confident on the water and progress every single day.

‘For me kiteboarding is about freedom, fun and endless possibilities. I love all the different disciplines that kiteboarding has to offer. Freestyle, park, waves or foiling are always putting a smile on my face 🙂 See you the water!


Iza Started kiteboarding in 2000. Her love to kiteboarding gave have a drive to open the kiteschool in Zanzibar. She has been living there ever since.


I’ve traveled the world searching for most beautiful kite spots and I’d never say I could find such an amazing place not so far from home in Poland


Founded by Karolina Winkowska & Izabela Matykiewicz. 2020 was the year when nothing was certain and the kite travels were being on hold. In October 2020 the first Sail and Kite expedition around Sardinia and Corsica took off. It was the most magical and breathtaking kiteboarding trip they could have imagined!

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